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Organizational Profile The Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN) is private not-for-profit umbrella faith-based non-governmental organization founded in 1973 by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), the Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN), and the Northern Christian Medical Advisory Council of Nigeria (NCMAC). CHAN is the oldest health faith-based organization (FBO) in Nigeria, and a coordinating body for wholistic health services carried out by various Church denominations in Nigeria. The organization derives its strength from the Member Institutions (MIs) it serves through the provision of various kinds of services. Presently, there are about 685 registered MIs, including medical and health training institutions, viz as tabulated: Health facilities Medical/Health training institutions Zone Tertiary hospitals (Urban) Secondary hospitals (Urban and suburban) Primary Health Care Centres (Rural) Teaching Hospitals Nursing &

Midwifery Colleges of Health Technology Laboratory Science trainings A 2 25 110 0 3 3 1 B 5 28 91 1 4 1 0 C 0 81 47 0 11 2 0 D 8 60 183 6 7 2 3 Total 15 194 431 7 25 8 4 640 45 and have produced numerous well-trained medical and health professionals. It is estimated that MIs together provide health care at the tertiary, secondary and primary levels to over 40 percent of the Nigeria population. CHAN has a strong partnership with Ministries and Departments of Health at all levels (including federal, state and local government authorities); and with other civil society, community-based and faith-based organizations. It is a member of the Africa Christian Health Association Platform (ACHAP), Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH), Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network (EPN), and the Faith-Based Organization Network-Nigeria. Legal Status of CHAN CHAN is a legally registered NGO with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) no. 1449. It has a National Executive Committee comprised of a Board of Trustees and a Secretary General. CHAN encompasses all registered Mission Health Institutions in Nigeria. CHAN is responsible for program development and management that respond to the needs of her MIs. CHAN headquarters is based in Jos.


Bread For the World Project

Operated in 20 states and Nationally. The programme’s 6th Phase for 4 years ended October 31st 2020. The project Transited on June 1st 2021 to the 7th Phase, but with a request in December 2020 that the focus should not be Advocacy per se. The current focus amongst others, is Institutional Capacity Strengthening of CHAN and FBOs for effective service delivery in Nigeria. Hitherto, through advocacy it has succeeded in building sustainable bridges between CHAN and her Proprietors; between CHAN and her MIs; MIs and Governments of Nigeria at the three tier levels and have attracted resources in cash and kind to MIs. In 2020, cumulatively, over N300,000,000 million in cash and Kinds was attracted to Mission Hospitals across Nigeria. The CHAN Health Resources Mobilization Advocacy Project has been on-going for over 18 years with implementation in nineteen States of Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Edo, Delta, Oyo, Ogun, Lagos, Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Gombe, Adamawa, Kaduna and Nasarawa and with funding from Bread for the World (BFTW). The programme aimed to continue to stimulate the Federal and State Governments’ response to MIs health care delivery, develop better relationships between States and Federal Government, Donor Agencies and Civil Society groups as a result improving the level of health care delivery services provided by Mission Institutions and improve the budgeting and accountability of MIs. Activities Include: 1. Regular Meetings 2.Participate in Training 3.Advocacy visits/campaigns 4.Media Advocacy 5.Legislative dialogue 6.Peer Review and Exchanges And with strong Advocacy skills of MIs and great income generation as the expected output.

CHAN-Novo Nordisk

The Project aimed at: Making access to medicine affordable and available.To improve access to diabetic care for the working poor in low and middle income persons. Building capacity in health system and societies by training of HCPs. CHAN signed agreement with Novo Nordisk to train vitually Doctors and Nurses and Phamacist/Pharmacist technologist on Diabetic Treatment in Nigeria. A total of 133 persons participated in the First Training in October 2020 and During the World Diabetic day Another training was held for the Doctors/Nurses and pharmacist and 132 participants from CHAN MIs benefited. Novo Nordisk through CHAN provided IPC and PPC worth N7,592,280 to MIs in the four Zones of Nigeria to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 in Nigeria. Novo Nordisk is supporting CHAN Management and staff on monitoring visits to 18 states across the Federation of Nigeria and to mark Celebration of World Diabetic Day (November 14) in retrospect The CHAN-Novo Nordisk Based of the Pyramid project is a partnership targeted at CHANs MIs across the country. The aim of this project is bringing quality health care services to people living with diabetes mellitus in the country and bridging the gap for the people living at the base of the pyramid with quality care. The project commenced in 2018 after final signings of M.O.U. in 2017.The activities carried out in this project are; 1.Baseline assessments of the benefitting facility 2.Trainings of HCPs 3.Distribution of IEC materials to the MIs 4.Continuous Medical Education for Health Care Professionals 5.Distribution of personal protective equipment’s to 15 selected MIs 6.Conduct a 1day Diabetes awareness creation and free screening of blood glucose level in 10 MIs The first activity implemented for this project was the baseline assessment which was carried out in 74 facilities across (18) states in the country including the federal capital territory. After wards various trainings on management of diabetes mellitus were planned and executed. During the implementation of the project, 5 face to face trainings were executed from commencement of the project in 2018 and 4 webinars in the year 2020. The implementation of this project was done in 3 zones that is Zone B, C and D.

CHAN-IMA/ACHAP COVID-19 Project, July 2020

Covid-19 Response Project From the commencement of the project, it had 3 objectives summarized which are: I. Provision of sustainable water supply to 10 MIs II. Improvement of Infection Prevention and control measures in the 10 MIs III. Provision of funds for purchase of relevant IPC supplies ACHAP in the second phase of support to CHAN, provided CHAN the sum of $50,000 to provide 10 Boreholes for 10 facilities across Nigeria. The Process of provision had kickstarted. Earliear in the year they supported CHAN towards mitigating the impact of Corvid ‘19 Worth US $27,500 (Twenty -Seven thousand, Five hundred United States Dollars was spent to support Community Mobilisation efforts for Active case identification, survelance and Guidance on home based care; Equip health facilities with medicines and supplies and to provide support for referrals from community to facility and to higher level facilities The whole COVID-19 situation started in Nigeria like a joke. The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Nigeria was on the 27th of February, 2020, thereafter, were many more. The effect of COVID-19 affected some of the CHAN Member Institutions (MIs) – where a great of the Nigeria population have confidence in accessing quality health care services, but for lack of some appropriate equipment and supplies. As a result, some of them were threatened to close down so that their workers do not contract the corona virus. The implication of this was that people with other health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, TB, maternal and neo-natal services did not get attention and so, CHAN was not able to meet up with the responsibilities of caring for the affected persons and communities, especially as the virus was spreading further into the hard-to-reach areas even with our capacity of providing 40% to 50% health care services delivery in urban areas of Nigeria and up to 60% to 80% in the Rural areas. With the support of the Africa Christian Health Associations’ Platform - ACHAP/IMA World Health, CHAN was able to reach out to five MIs. In Plateau State, the Bingham University Teaching Hospital (BhUTH) in Jos was chosen for their preparedness and designation by the Plateau State Government

Vitamin Angels

In November 2020, CHAN and VA paid Advocacy visit to Proprietors in Imo State. The Catholic Arch Bishop of Owerri, Most Rev. Anthony J.V. Obinna and the Anglican Arch Bishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province and Bishop of Okigwe South Diocese 2, Most Rev. David Onuoha was visited by the joint team of CHAN and VA. The Team met with representatives of 23 MIs drawn from Enugu, Anambra, Abia, and Imo. Through CHAN, VA is reaching millions of Nigerian children and women, boosting the demands for MIs services but with no direct Financial benefit to the organization Vitamin Angels (VA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization focused on bringing essential nutrition to children around the world through vitamin supplementation. Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need—specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five—gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. To fulfill this mission, VA partners with CHAN seeking to add direct supplementation services to their existing member institutions services. VA/CHAN coordination meetings are designed to further strengthen the partnership between CHAN and VA which is geared towards improving the nutritional status of eligible children and pregnant women living in underserved communities in Nigeria with their donated micronutrient commodities (VAS&D and multivitamins). Amidst all these meetings, there have been too many filled VA grant application forms by CHAN’s MIs with commodities delivered and claimed and with the process still on-going.

DiFEAM Project

CHAN DIFEAM Project Started in August 2020. 12 Months Project in 65 Facilities across Nigeria. It is expected to end in July 2021 Project is worth 90,000 Euros(N39,075.083) earmarked to be spent to support Community Mobilization efforts for Active case identification, surveillance and Guidance on home based care; Equip health facilities with medicines and PPE supplies and to provide support for referrals from community to facility and to higher level facilities. The project is also providing Oxygen concentrators to MIs that have capacity to use them. In Total, this reporting period DIFEAM provided IPC/PPC worth Euro 217,261.82 (N107,544,600.9). CORVID-19: Prevention and Control of Infection in Health Facility/Community. Through Collabouration and support from Difaem, CHAN has provided IPC/PPC materials to over 150 MIs across Nigeria. CHAN organized IPC training in Jos, (Zone B); Lagos, (Zone D); Owerri, (Zone C); and Jalingo, (Zone A) respectively in January 2021. Management and Staff paid supervisory visits to some benefiting MIs in all Zones to ensure that the IPC/PPC items distributed were effectively used in early March 2021. During the fourth week of March 2021, CHAN held a sensitization /Dialogue meeting with religious and Government leaders at Abuja where far-reaching conclusions were drawn. Between February and March 2021, CHAN sponsored a COVID -19 Jingles on Radio and TV across Nigeria to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 CHAN used this opportunity to prepare HCW from MIs to tackle COVID-19 .A symbiotic bridge have been built through this project between CHAN and MIs. This programme was an eye opener to some Proprietors on the quantum of CHAN’s contribution to the Health programming of Nigeria.Key stations were selected in some state and FCT to reach out to Nigerians as CHAN’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19.


Over the years, Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) and traditional institutions have played active roles in developing countries through the provision of health care and preventive interventions, training healthcare professionals, assisting in resource mobilization, and serving as voice for the community in advocating for the health needs of the people. CHAN, through the support from the Africa Christian Health Associations’ Platform (ACHAP) leveraged on faith and traditional platforms to implement the project: “Framework for Dialogue between Religious Leaders, PLWHIV and Health Workers on ending HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination at the Health facility” which was designed to engage religious leaders, healthcare workers and also to advocate for the Persons Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHIV) for acceptance both in the faith and health communities. CHAN also leveraged on this project in promoting her core values of empowering individuals and institutions to improve the health status of populations at risk as a positive contribution to social justice and her pursuit of public health goals in serving the public interest by addressing public health issues with no discrimination.

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The Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN)

Today,CHAN is a not-for-profit service organization,coordinating church sponsored health care throughout Nigeria. In accordance with its mission, CHAN assists its Member institutions (MIs) in reaching more people, especially the unreached with health services in Nigeria that are of good quality,