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Novo Nordisk provision of IPC/PPE for MIs to Combat COVID-19

Novo Nordisk: Base of Pyramid Diabetes Care The Project aimed at: Making access to medicine affordable and available.To improve access to diabetic care for the working poor in low and middle income persons. Building capacity in health system and societies by training of HCPs. CHAN signed agreement with Novo Nordisk to train vitually Doctors and Nurses and Phamacist/Pharmacist technologist on Diabetic Treatment in Nigeria. A total of 133 persons participated in the First Training in October 2020 and During the World Diabetic day Another training was held for the Doctors/Nurses and pharmacist and 132 participants from CHAN MIs benefited. Novo Nordisk through CHAN provided IPC and PPC worth N7,592,280 to MIs in the four Zones of Nigeria to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 in Nigeria. Novo Nordisk is supporting CHAN Management and staff on monitoring visits to 18 states across the Federation of Nigeria and to mark Celebration of World Diabetic Day (November 14) in retrospect. CHAN again recently signed the contract for extension From January 2021 to June 2021 and to implement the following activities in May: • Hold a 1-day Diabetes Awareness and Screening in 10 MIs across the country. Provide 4 free new glucometers, 1000 testing Strips, Portion Plates and funds refreshment for the medical teams conducting the outreach • Share Diabetes Educational hand books, 1000 educational handbook in English is ongoing to improve the knowledge of the disease among the general population. The MIs from the West and North Central of Nigeria have benefited from this programme in greater proportion. The Support for this Phase is coming to an end by December 2020. There is ongoing dialogue and linkages by Novo Nordisk for other possible relationship with sister organizations. 15 CHAN Facilities received the following item respectively: 1. Face Mask 16 Packets 2. Surgical gloves 3 Parkets 3. Hand Sanitizers (500Ml) 22 bottles 4. Liquid Soap 20 litres (2) 5. Disinfectant (Bleach 3.5 Litters).

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