We appreciate your interest in seeking employment opportunities with Christian Health Association of Nigeria. We are currently recruiting for the following positions in CHAN-CHARIS Project as stated below;
(1) Grants and Compliance Manager
Reports to Chief of Party
Primary Function: The Grants and Compliance Manager is responsible for budget monitoring and compliance oversight of the USG awards and all related SDF finance issues. The Grants &Compliance Manager will develop and implement strategy to prevent or reduce compliance-related liabilities. S/he supervises a team of compliance staff. The person is responsible for development of Grants and Compliance curriculum.

(2) Grants and Compliance Officer
Reports to Grants and Compliance Manager
Primary Function: The Grants &Compliance Manager will work closely with the program managers and project partners in enhancing the capacity of the partners in financial management and to assist in ensuring the reporting accuracy of the Project Advance and Liquidation. In collaboration with the Finance staff and program managers, the person will assist in the organization of financial trainings and other capacity building activities that will contribute to the financial strategic development and action planning of the project team.  The person will collaborate with other staff in ensuring that all projects related reports to the donors, and internal documents are produced accurately and in timely basis. The person will assist partners to ensure proper financial and procurement management systems and practices.
Qualification & Experience:

(3) Finance & Compliance Officer
Reports to Grants and Compliance Manager
Job Responsibilities:

Point of Service Financial Oversight

(4) Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Specialists 2
Reports to Chief of Party
Primary Functions:  M&E Officer is responsible for working with the 7D/SUN Project Team Leader in the monitoring and evaluation of CHAN/Nigeria’s growing health program, specifically the Community-Based Care and Support and Scaling-Up the Nigerian Faith-Based Response to HIV/AIDS projects by supporting the development and implementation of new M&E tool, ensuring partners are collecting relevant program data regularly and rigorously, aggregating program data in support of regular reporting to USG donors etc.
Qualification and experience:

(5) Program Assistant
Program Site Manager
Primary Functions: The Program Assistant’s primary responsibility is to provide consistent and quality programming support services to team members in the assigned Unit.  These services include support to organizing of trainings and events, conducting of literature searches, verifying of partner receipts, and proper maintenance of files, records and databases and the handling of administrative tasks.  Program Assistants will also ensure excellent exchange of communication and documentation with the Administration Department and the Finance Department.
Qualifications/ Experience

(6) Sustainability Advisor
Reports to Chief of Party

The Sustainability Advisor leads CHAN’s sustainability interventions by collaboratively developing tools and supporting where appropriate promoting/advising on sustainability interventions across all activities and consortium members. Because of the variety of stakeholders in the CHARIS program (including multiple GON and donor agencies, Consortium Members CM’s, and Local Partner Treatment Facilities SDF’s), communication and coordination within and outside of the consortium is critical to this process, and this is also a primary responsibility.

(7) Senior Accountant
Reports to Finance and Admin Manager
Supports the Finance & Admin Manager in developing tools and mechanisms for effective and efficient monitoring of programme and project budgets, coordinates compilation of financial data and provides accurate and up-dated financial information to CHAN HQ on a continuous basis.
The Senior Accountant ensures the effective functioning of financial operations and systems in support of the programme and office management. S/he works closely with programme and project staff providing financial monitoring and analysis of projects and advising managers on expenditure trends and implementation rates.

Qualification and Experience

(8) Administrative Logistics Officer
Reports to Finance and Admin Manager
The ALO is responsible for CHAN CHARIS smooth operations pool of vehicles and organizing drivers to meet the needs of the Program.  The ALO is responsible for the maintenance of the fleet, generators and communications equipment to ensure that these perform reliably at all times.
The ALO is also the person responsible for all Purchases made from CHAN CHARIS above the petty cash threshold.  Purchases must be made in accordance with CHAN Purchasing and Procurement guidelines. So the ALO must be very familiar with the Procurement guidelines. For all Project vehicles, create and adhere to a maintenance schedule that provides for regular maintenance and any extraordinary repairs and servicing that may be required. Be fully conversant with CHAN purchasing and procurement policies and ensure all purchases are completed in accordance with this.