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The Christian Health Association of Nigeria (CHAN) was founded in 1973 by the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, the Christian Council of Nigeria and the Northern Christian Medical Advisory Council (known as the Founding Fathers). Its' original function was primarily to represent the views of Nigerian Voluntary Medical Organizations to the Government. advising on the integration of these organizations in the overall planning of Government and acting as a central point for an exchange of views and expression of new ideas.

Our Vision


Today, CHAN is a not-for-profit service organization,coordinating church sponsored health care throughout Nigeria. In accordance with its mission, CHAN assists its Member institutions (MIs) in reaching more people, especially the unreached with health services in Nigeria that are of good quality, affordable and patient friendly. Its' members see themselves as continuing the healing ministry of Christ by providing good quality and affordable health services to those in need, irrespective of religious affiliation. As an umbrella organization, CHAN facilitates cooperation among its members from 23 major churches on health matters at Local, State and Federal levels. It builds their capacity to better serve the health needs of the people of Nigeria, irrespective of the gender, ethnic origin or religious affiliations. Its greatest achievement is to have brought diverse Christian denominations, showing both ecumenical unity and the will to act effectively with one voice. Although, the CHAN umbrella association promotes best practices among its members and offers guidelines for health care, MIs are autonomous and free to prioritise and adapt guidelines in their operational situations.

CHAN’s MIs constitute the oldest and largest health care institutions in Nigeria, second only to the Government. CHAN may well be responsible for at least 40 percent of health care provision in Nigeria, especially in the rural areas. Established as a representative body for networking and information gathering and dissemination, CHAN soon went on to establish the CHAN Drug Supply services (now CHANMedi-Pharm) in 1979. Supported by grants from Northern donors, CHANMedi-Pharm soon became a source of safe, quality and affordable drugs to its members. CHANMedi-Pharm operates as a separate entity in order to ensure the sustainability of its operation. In the same year, Primary Health Care Services (PHCS) was set up to collect and disseminate information and to help members improve their holistic Primary Health Care Services (PHCS).

CHAN currently has almost 400 MIs, comprising: 140 hospitals, 187 clinics delivering maternal and primary health care, 23 rural health programmes and 4 leprosaria. In total, the MIs operates some 4,000 outreach health facilities, many of which are situated in remote rural areas, fulfilling CHAN’s stated objectives of “Reaching the Unreached”. MIs operate throughout the country reaching some of the remotest areas in most cases, they represent the only health care facilities available to the communities living there. Among its members, CHAN can boast of the oldest health institutions in Nigeria; the Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro Abeokuta, Ogun State, which was established in 1880 by the Catholic French Society of African Missions, to cater for the needs of a leper colony. Today, its extensive staff includes 120 nurses, 14 doctors and it operates four out-stations. CHAN’s services are administered through the four (4) geographical zones (A, B, C and D) with zonal headquarters in Numan, Jos, Emekuku and Ibadan respectively. Some of CHAN’s operations/ projects are managed from the Annex Office in Abuja while all activities are coordinated by  the Central Office in Jos, Plateau State.

Background History

The health facilities are owned by more than 20 various Church denominations that operate health services in Nigeria

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